Driving impact for inclusive digital development

With Asia at the forefront of technological innovation and digitally-powered development, we invite stakeholders from across the region for a virtual dialogue on how WBA’s upcoming Digital Inclusion Benchmark can be used to drive sustainable development.

Speakers and participants from government, business, academia and civil society, will discuss how the Digital Inclusion Benchmark will enhance transparency on corporate impact. Together we will identify areas where corporate action is needed to support national and regional policy agendas on inclusive digital development and economic competitiveness.

39 of the 100 most influential ICT companies are headquartered in Asia and the Middle East

The Digital Inclusion Benchmark assesses how the 100 most influential ICT companies across the breadth of the digital system are driving digital inclusion globally, including 39 companies headquartered in Asia. As home to 60% of the world’s population, it is critical that Asian companies lead in contributing to inclusive digital development.

Register now for the virtual event on 23 June, 9:00 CEST

12:30 New Delhi l 14:00 Jakarta l 15:00 Beijing l 16:00 Tokyo

How can digital inclusion support Asia’s recovery from the health and economic crisis?

As Asian countries take measures to control the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the lack of widespread and equal access to digital technologies poses additional challenges. In Asia’s most populous countries, countless school age children are unable to participate in online learning while workers fortunate enough to be able to work remotely are hindered by slow Internet connectivity.

In contrast, some Asian countries are leading the world in the use of digital tools to fight the pandemic. In the face of this crisis, how can companies contribute towards closing these digital divides within and between countries? What medium and long-term actions are needed to build a more resilient, secure and trustworthy digital system that leaves no one behind?

Join us in this dialogue

Learn more about the Digital Inclusion Benchmark, and share your views on digital inclusion and development in Asia during this health and economic crises.

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