A real difference in digital responsibility

The Internet Commission’s mission is to advance digital responsibility. Our process of independent evaluation was designed to create an impact by enabling digital technology companies to be more accountable for the social impact of their services and by shedding light on how organisational culture and governance directs and reflects safety and freedom online. During this global information crisis, in which these structures and processes are often unknown, we aim to engender a new climate of trust and inform smarter regulation. Read about the Internet Commission’s work here.

Our work is inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which can inform a new direction for digitalisation by highlighting the key areas in which governments, businesses and others must do better. We focus on organisational processes that address online harms including fraud, misinformation and child exploitation and advocate for practices that can support good health. Our accountability reporting mechanism asks companies how fundamental freedoms, including data privacy and freedom of expression online, are protected. We also review protections for front-line content moderators, to observe whether the rights of vulnerable workers are upheld.

In 2021, the Internet Commission launched its Accountability Report 1.0. It was the result of a year-long review, with the participation of the BBC, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Popjam (part of SuperAwesome/Epic Games), Tinder and Meetic (both Match Group companies). A second reporting cycle is now underway with new participants including Twitch and Pearson, and we are looking to engage with civil society groups, regulators, and technology companies to consult on our research findings and discover opportunities to collaborate in future. Read about WBA’s Digital Inclusion work here.

We aim to utilise the Alliance’s collaborative platform to increase our reach, connect with like-minded organisations and create a real difference in the area of digital responsibility. By sharing our knowledge and expertise, and learning from others, we aim to hone our process whilst continuing to scale and make an impact globally.

Written by: Patrick Grady, Project Lead, Internet Commission 

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