Independent evaluation of WBA

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The first independent evaluation of WBA has focused on the first two years of WBA’s operations (September 2018 – December 2020). It contributes to building the evidence base for benchmarking as a powerful mechanism for driving organisational performance towards the SDGs. In the spirit of ‘walking the talk’, we’re taking this opportunity to share what we’ve learned through it and be transparent about the outcomes.

The evaluation provides an analysis of progress, expected and achieved accomplishments as well as challenges. The evaluation is based on an in-depth review of key documents, analysis of performance data, surveys and interviews with staff, funding partners, Allies and companies. According to the evaluation, WBA has a clear niche in the ecosystem by focusing on accountability and on moving beyond ESG risks to impact-focused themes. The evaluation finds that WBA is probably the organisation closest to creating a global and comprehensive SDG accountability mechanism for the private sector.

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