George Weston (Weston Foods & Loblaw)

Food and agriculture


With each of our benchmarks, we publish a company scorecard presenting the ranking position, score and findings of how the company performed. Some benchmarks have done initial baseline assessments in 2020 and will publish company scorecards in 2021.

Upcoming benchmarks

Between 2020-2023, WBA will have assessed and ranked each of the SDG2000 companies. This timeline indicates when the company can expect to be assessed by upcoming benchmarks.

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Enabling a sustainable transformation requires close collaboration of businesses with governments, civil society, investors and organisations. We identified how the SDG2000 companies engage with our Alliance in one or more of the following ways: network member, platform signatory, assessed/benchmarked organisation or standards reporter. These relationships are accurate as of December 2020 and are subject to change as the Alliance continues to grow and evolve.
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