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McCain Foods

McCain Foods is a family-owned private company specialising in fries and speciality potato products. With a production capacity of more than one million pounds of potato products per hour, the company is among the leading producers of frozen fries in the world. Headquartered in Canada, McCain Foods' product portfolio includes appetisers, pizzas, frozen and chilled prepared potato products, and desserts, supplied to both retail and food service sectors in over 160 countries. The company works with around 3,500 farmers and purchases approximately 6.8 million tonnes of potatoes annually. In addition to processed foods, McCain Foods is also involved in potato seed cultivation and provides transportation and logistics services.

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Governance and strategy

#1 5.0 /10 #88


#1 15.9 /30 #13


#1 7.5 /30 #61

Social inclusion

#1 7.7 /30 #113
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Segment Rank
Agricultural products and commodities #18
Food and beverage manufacturers/processors #42

Segment ranking(s) summary

The company ranks 18th in the agricultural products and commodities and 42nd in the food and beverage manufacturers/processors segment. McCain Foods shows strong leadership in the environment measurement area, where it ranks in the first position when compared to its peers active in the agricultural commodities and products segment. It ranks in the top ten within the food and beverage manufacturers segment. Notably, McCain Foods stands out for having set a target to reduce Scope 3 GHG emissions and for its initiatives to enhance soil health. The company further demonstrates a leading practice within the governance and strategy measurement area, outperforming its peers on the formulation of a global sustainable development strategy. In the nutrition and social inclusion, the company performs above average, demonstrating room for strengthening its commitments and reporting, thereby aligning with the leaders in the segments.

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Risks and opportunities

Core social indicators

The core social indicators are part of the social inclusion measurement area. These indicators assess societal expectations of business conduct that companies should meet if they aspire to be part of a system transformation that leaves no one behind.

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Toronto, Canada
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