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Fufeng Group

Fufeng Group is an international bio-fermentation manufacturer which is listed as a public company on the Main Board of HKEx. The group specialises in amino acids and its derivative products, biological colloid R&D, and is now one of the largest MSG and xanthan gum manufacturers in the world and one of the biggest domestic fermentation companies. The group also has business activities across feed additives and animal nutrition.

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Governance and strategy

#1 3.3 /10 #150


#1 0.9 /30 #285


#1 1.9 /30 #209

Social inclusion

#1 0.5 /30 #286
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Agricultural products and commodities #112

Segment summary ranking

Fufeng Group ranks 112th in agricultural products and commodities segment. The company ranks poorly across the measurement areas against its peers in the same segment, with limited disclosure on most topics. In nutrition, the company does not address efforts to promote the availability, affordability and accessibility of healthy foods, areas its peers have already started addressing. Moreover, in environment, the company ranks in the bottom grouping against it peers due to a lack of disclosure on relevant issues, such as optimising fertiliser and pesticide use or reducing water use. Nevertheless, going forward, there is an opportunity for the company, whereby it has provided some disclosure on its governance and strategy framework, highlighting that it is in a position to translate its overall sustainability strategy into activities across the other measurement areas.

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Jinan, China
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