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Founded in 1985, Cooke is a family-owned and vertically integrated aquaculture corporation based in Blacks Harbour, Canada with salmon farming operations in Atlantic Canada, the United States, Chile and Scotland, as well as seabass and seabream farming operations in Spain. The company has two main divisions: aquaculture and fisheries. The company has grown significantly, including acquisitions (e.g. Wanchese Fish Company, Icicle Seafoods and Omega Protein) and further diversification of their product offering by expanding their seafood assets into wild fishery. The most recent acquisition is Seajoy Seafood Corporation Group, Latin America's largest producer of premium farmed shrimp.

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Governance and strategy

#1 0.0 /10 #267


#1 0.8 /30 #286


#1 0.0 /30 #278

Social inclusion

#1 0.0 /30 #300
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Animal proteins #82
Food and beverage manufacturers/processors #209

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Cooke operates in the food and beverage manufacturers/processors and animal proteins segments. The company ranks in the bottom tier lagging behind most of its peers with no disclosure across the governance and strategy, nutrition and the social inclusion measurement area, and one broad commitment in environment of sustainable fishing and aquaculture.

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Blacks Harbour, Canada
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