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Founded in 1847 in Copenhagen, Carlsberg operates in the brewing sector and is primarily engaged in the production, marketing and sale of beer and soft drinks. It has over 140 beer brands in its portfolio, including craft, specialty and alcohol-free beers, with 75 breweries operating in countries including Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Vietnam, China and Poland. Western Europe accounts for 47% of Carlsberg's volumes sold, followed by Asia (29%) and Eastern Europe (24%).

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Governance and strategy

#1 6.7 /10 #36


#1 10.7 /30 #78


#1 6.0 /30 #93

Social inclusion

#1 8.2 /30 #89
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Food and beverage manufacturers/processors #55

Segment ranking summary

Carlsberg ranks 55th among its segment peers in food and beverage manufacturing and processing, indicating that while it is not a laggard, it has an opportunity to improve in many areas. The company performs similarly to its peers in the governance and strategy and environment measurement areas. It leads its peers in governance and accountability for sustainable development, stating that remuneration of its chief executive officer is linked to its sustainability strategy. It is also advanced in its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It lags furthest behind its peers in the social inclusion measurement area. While the company publicly commits to protecting certain human rights principles, it has a long way to go in terms of protecting its workers and those in its supply chain.

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Risks and opportunities

Core social indicators

The core social indicators are part of the social inclusion measurement area. These indicators assess societal expectations of business conduct that companies should meet if they aspire to be part of a system transformation that leaves no one behind.

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Copenhagen, Denmark
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