World Benchmarking Alliance

Corporate Sustainability Performance

While many of the world’s leading companies are taking clear action to align their business models with the SDGs, information and analysis of corporate sustainability performance is often hard to access or compare. Thus, investors, civil society, governments and consumers have no common mechanism through which to credit leading companies. Companies’ efforts – or lack thereof – often go unrecognized, reducing incentives to improve sustainability performance and making it difficult to gauge industry leaders.

A powerful and potentially transformative way to achieve this is to build on existing efforts and use corporate benchmarks to measure and compare performance of companies on the SDGs. This idea is based on a recommendation outlined in the BSDC’s flagship report about the need for such benchmarks to provide stakeholders with information they can use to inform investment and other economic decisions, increase transparency and facilitate trust between sectors, help track and compare corporate sustainability performance. Benchmarks also identify strategic gaps and market opportunities, and ultimately catalyze action and accelerate SDG delivery. The report outlined a $12 trillion economic opportunity, and the creation of 380 million jobs by 2030, for companies that pursue sustainable and inclusive business models.

Therefore, Aviva, the UN Foundation, BSDC, and Index Initiative are exploring the concept of establishing the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA).