Creating sustainable, inclusive and connected cities that are safe, resilient and clean.

We are working across seven systems transformations needed to achieve the SDGs and accelerate sustainable business beyond 2030. Urbanisation is often recognised as the most enduring societal dynamic in human development. It’s speed and pace is unprecedented; by 2050 the population of our cities is expected to double. Cities are economic powerhouses, occupying just 2% of total land but generate about 80% of total global GDP. Populations, economic activities, social and cultural interactions, and environmental and human impacts are increasingly concentrated in cities.

Sustainable urban development is socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable and resilient, and provides opportunities for all. Governments have a vital role to play alongside businesses and others in delivering these aims. Sustainable urban development requires that the benefits of urbanisation are shared, ensuring all have access to infrastructure and social services.

The SDGs

As the world continues to urbanise, sustainable development increasingly relies on sustainable urban growth, particularly in low-income and lower-middle-income countries where urbanisation is most rapid. SDG 11 focuses specifically on making cities safe, inclusive, resilient and sustainable. Sustainable urban growth will have a remarkable impact on the following SDGs:

Other transformations



Agriculture and food

and energy



Financial system