Prior to working at the WBA, I worked at the B Team where I was part of the Climate, Nature and Equity team working on climate advocacy and just transition. I also held project management and partnerships roles at the British Red Cross and Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO). One of my proudest career achievements was volunteering in Cabiao, Philippines. I had the enormous pleasure of being part of an international group of young volunteers that created an award-winning circular economy project which focused on turning biodegradable waste to organic fertiliser with the aim of improving livelihoods. This projected cemented my love for making the world a little bit better than how I found it, as everyone earnestly strove to give all that their talents and abilities could allow towards this endeavour.  

One quirky fact: I have a bicycle named after a Transformers character – ‘Hot Rod’ and together, we have a dream of cycling from the UK to South Africa in the not too distant future.   

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