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HMM is a publicly listed company headquartered in the Republic of Korea and founded in 1976. In 2021 its revenue was USD 11.69 billion. Along with container ships and oil tankers, the company operates dry bulk carriers, LNG tankers and multi-purpose vessels. HMM is the world’s eighth-largest shipping company and it moves the majority of South Korea's exports.

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#17 /90
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34.0 /100

29.0 /60
Core social indicators
5.0 /20
Just transition
0.0 /20

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9.3 /20
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9.5 /100 #46

Material investment

76.7 /100 #1

Intangible investment

45.0 /100 #1

Sold products



58.9 /100 #18

Supplier engagement

66.7 /100 #3

Client engagement

17.5 /100 #46

Policy engagement

40.0 /100 #11

Business model

1.3 /100 #54

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HMM receives a trend score of =. If the company were reassessed in the near future, its score would likely remain the same. HMM has decreased its emissions intensity between 2018 and 2021 at the rate required by its 1.5°C pathway. It is also projected to remain within its carbon budget for 2022-2036 . The company aims to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. However, it has not set regularly spaced intermediate targets, which could help the company increase near-term action to achieve its longer-term net-zero goal. Moreover, there is no evidence of strong financial commitment by the company towards the goal of decarbonisation.

Progress towards the Paris Agreement

Social assessment

Just transition assessment

Core social assessment

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Seoul, Republic of Korea
USD 11.69 billion
Publicly listed