ForFarmers is a feed company catering to conventional and organic livestock farming. Based in the Netherlands and operating across Germany, Belgium Poland and the UK, ForFarmers is among the market leaders in the animal feed industry in Europe with annual sales of 10.1 million tonnes of feed, serving 26,000 customers from its 35 production facilities. The company's key products include compound feed, young animal feed, moist co-products, seeds and fertilizers. As part of their Total Feed solutions package, ForFarmers also provides advice and tools for its customers related to feed, livestock farming and business development.

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ForFarmers publicly discloses commitments across the three dimensions but has room for improvement, particularly regarding the environment and social inclusion. Showing awareness of its role and responsibility as a large animal feedstuff manufacturer, ForFarmers has developed time-bound targets for GHG emissions and responsible sourcing of high-risk commodities, including soya and palm oil. The company demonstrates some efforts to reduce food loss and waste, improve animal welfare and enhance soil health. Nevertheless, it does not commit to key environmental topics, including minimising freshwater use and responsible packaging. ForFarmers demonstrates its contribution to nutrition through it practices on protein diversification. In particular, the company is investigating the use of alternative protein sources to reduce its dependence on imported high-risk commodities. It also complies with food safety standards, reporting annually on their implementation. As an animal feed manufacturer, the company has a limited impact on nutrition issues compared to companies involved in manufacturing consumer products. However, no commitments were found relating to other relevant nutrition topics such as workforce nutrition and activities to improve the nutritional quality of its products. In the social inclusion dimension, ForFarmers commits to eliminating child and forced labour in its own operations and supply chain and to ensuring health and safety in the workplace. Moreover, the company commits to paying a living wage. However, it does not commit to supporting smallholder productivity or protecting land tenure rights.

Food and Agriculture Benchmark

The Food and Agriculture Benchmark will assess 350 keystone companies on the issues underpinning the food system transformation agenda. The benchmark’s aim is to stimulate companies to apply sustainable business practices throughout their operations as well as use their influence to encourage value chain partners to do the same. WBA has organised the food and agriculture value chain into six sub-sectors. These sub-sectors are also reflected in the methodology framework.

Food and agriculture revenue
EUR 2,463,000,000
(USD 2,757,267,000)
Major subsidiaries
Pavo, PoultryPlus, Reudink, Tasomix
Consumer brands

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The company is also included in the following benchmarks developed by WBA and our Allies. These benchmarks help to deepen our understanding on key issues and industries.