Compass Group

Compass Group is a multinational contract food service company, operating in 50 different countries and serving 5.5 billion meals each year. Compass Group operates in five distinct sectors: business and industry, healthcare, education, sports & leisure and defence, with most of its revenue coming from North America, followed by Europe. It also manages an International Clients' Programme which offers customers a centralised management approach. The group was founded in 1941 as Factory Canteens.

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Started the journey

Social inclusion

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Compass Group publicly discloses several commitments in the social inclusion dimension but has room for improvement when it comes to nutrition and the environment. The company is committed to reducing its scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions but provides no disclosure on the reduction of scope 3 emissions. Compass Group commits to restoring forests in the markets where it operates as well as sustainably sourcing palm oil by 2022. It also commits to buying 50% certified sustainable seafood by 2020 and halving food waste by 2030. While the company does not report on group-wide targets for plastic use and packaging waste, it is committed to reducing the prevalence of single-use plastics in its operations. No information was found on agrobiodiversity, fertiliser use or water management in water-stressed areas. In the nutrition dimension, the company commits to increasing the availability of healthy foods and to food safety. It has partnered with the EAT Forum to promote a number of plant-forward meal programmes. It does not commit to clear and transparent labelling or to promoting workforce nutrition. In terms of social inclusion, Compass Group is committed to eliminating child and forced labour across its value chains as well as providing a healthy and safe working environment for all employees. Through its partnership with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the company promotes living wages for a part of its supply chain. While it further supports market access for its farmers in Colombia, Compass Group does not commit to protecting the land rights of vulnerable groups.

Food and Agriculture Benchmark

The Food and Agriculture Benchmark will assess 350 keystone companies on the issues underpinning the food system transformation agenda. The benchmark’s aim is to stimulate companies to apply sustainable business practices throughout their operations as well as use their influence to encourage value chain partners to do the same. WBA has organised the food and agriculture value chain into six sub-sectors. These sub-sectors are also reflected in the methodology framework.

Food and agriculture revenue
GBP 25,152,000,000
(USD 32,104,360,000)
Major subsidiaries
Eurest, Levy Restaurants, Steamplicity, White Oaks, Chartwells
Consumer brands

Value chain sub-sectors

Other benchmarks

The company is also included in the following benchmarks developed by WBA and our Allies. These benchmarks help to deepen our understanding on key issues and industries.