Associated British Foods

Associated British Foods (ABF) is a diversified international food, ingredients and retail group with operations in 52 countries across Europe, Southern Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia. It is grouped into five business segments: sugar, agriculture, retail, grocery and ingredients. Its ingredients division is among the world's largest producers of sugar and yeast, and a major producer of other ingredients including emulsifiers, enzymes and lactose. ABF grocery brands include Jordans (cereals), Karo (corn syrup), Twinings (tea) and Patak's (Indian cooking products). In terms of geography, most of ABF's revenue is generated in its home market United Kingdom, as well as Europe and Africa. In retail, the company owns Primark, one of the largest clothing retailers in Europe.

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Started the journey

Social inclusion

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Associated British Foods (ABF) publicly discloses commitments across all three dimensions, particularly on social inclusion topics. In the environment dimension, ABF’s subsidiary AB Sugar is committed to reducing 30% of GHG emission by 2030 compared to 2018. Its UK Grocery business discloses that it aims to cut carbon, water and waste associated with food and drink products by at least 20% from 2015 to 2025. It also sets up animal welfare policy for relevant subsidiaries. However, it lacks public commitments relating to protecting soil health and agrobiodiversity. In the nutrition dimension, ABF demonstrates commitments to promote clear and transparent labelling and nutrition in the workplace. It is also committed to food safety through maintaining a high standard of food safety management practices. However, it does not disclose targets for topics such as protein diversification. With regard to social inclusion, ABF has a strategy to engage with stakeholders along the supply chain. It is committed to paying a living wage and supporting health, safety and well-being in its own operations and supply chain. It also demonstrates an inclusive way of working with smallholders by committing to provide access to markets, fair trading terms and land tenure rights.

Food and Agriculture Benchmark

The Food and Agriculture Benchmark will assess 350 keystone companies on the issues underpinning the food system transformation agenda. The benchmark’s aim is to stimulate companies to apply sustainable business practices throughout their operations as well as use their influence to encourage value chain partners to do the same. WBA has organised the food and agriculture value chain into six sub-sectors. These sub-sectors are also reflected in the methodology framework.

Food and agriculture revenue
GBP 8,097,000,000
(USD 10,335,122,000)
Major subsidiaries
AB Agri, AB World Foods, AB Mauri, Westmill Foods
Consumer brands
Twinings, Ovaltine, Mazzetti, Jordans, Ryvita, Kingsmill, Blue Dragon, Silver Spoon, Mazola, Illovo

Value chain sub-sectors

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The company is also included in the following benchmarks developed by WBA and our Allies. These benchmarks help to deepen our understanding on key issues and industries.