AGD Group is a privately-owned agribusiness with activities in the feed, grains and oilseeds and peanut industries. AGD holds a significant market share in the peanut sector and is responsible for 25% of the human consumption-grade peanuts that Argentina sells worldwide. AGD's main export markets include Europe, USA, Russia, Australia and the Middle East. In addition, AGD manufactures blanched peanuts, peanut butter and other related consumer products. The company further produces crude and refined oils from peanuts, sunflower seeds and soybeans. Other business units include the production of vegetable protein meals and pellets, refined glycerol and biodiesel. AGD Group sells products under multiple brands, including Natura, Mazola and Sojola.

Baseline assessment


Room for improvement


Room for improvement

Social inclusion

Room for improvement


AGD Group lacks commitments relating to key issues across the dimensions, failing to define its role and responsibility in any of the three. As a large oilseed producer and processor, the company demonstrates some efforts to improve water efficiency and reduce GHG emissions through the construction of a biomass energy plant. Nevertheless, there remains considerable scope for improvement in the environment dimension, including commitments to protecting natural habitat and animal welfare. The company further lacks public disclosure on nutrition and social inclusion. Regarding nutrition, AGD Group has not formulated commitments relating to product (re)formulation, accessibility and affordability of healthy foods or workforce nutrition. In terms of social inclusion, the company does not publicly commit to eliminating child and forced labour in its own operations and supply chain, ensuring health and safety in the workplace or paying a living wage.

Food and Agriculture Benchmark

The Food and Agriculture Benchmark will assess 350 keystone companies on the issues underpinning the food system transformation agenda. The benchmark’s aim is to stimulate companies to apply sustainable business practices throughout their operations as well as use their influence to encourage value chain partners to do the same. WBA has organised the food and agriculture value chain into six sub-sectors. These sub-sectors are also reflected in the methodology framework.

Food and agriculture revenue
USD 2,700,000,000
Major subsidiaries
Aceitera General Deheza, Aceitera Chabás, Niza
Consumer brands
Natura, Sojola, Cada Dia, Copisi, Mayoliva, Runny’s

Value chain sub-sectors

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