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Grupo Bimbo

Grupo Bimbo is one of the largest companies in the global baking industry. It produces and distributes fresh and frozen sliced bread, buns, cookies, snack cakes, muffins, bagels, pre-packaged foods, tortillas, salted snacks and confectionery products. With over 100 brands, the company operates in 33 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. The company's top five brands, each with sales over USD 1 billion, are Oroweat, Bimbo, Thomas, Barcel and Marinela. Grupo Bimbo has strengthened its position in the baking industry across several markets with the acquisitions of Chinese bread company Mankattan and Chilean bakery firm Alimentos Butra Bien. Through a recent joint venture in Kazakhstan, Grupo Bimbo has also expanded its presence in Central Asia.

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Governance and strategy

#1 2.5 /10 #191


#1 10.9 /30 #76


#1 15.0 /30 #7

Social inclusion

#1 11.0 /30 #54
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Food and beverage manufacturers/processors #29

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When compared to companies in the food and beverage manufacturers/processors segment, Grupo Bimbo ranks in the top thirty thanks to its leading practices across several measurement areas. The company sits within the top ten in nutrition, demonstrating leadership among its peers in terms of reporting on its practices to increase the availability of healthy foods. In environment, Grupo Bimbo outperforms its peers on setting commitments towards sustainable packaging and reduction of food loss and waste. However, it can align with its peers in the leading positions by strengthening its commitments regarding key environment topics, including GHG emissions, water use and responsible sourcing of high-risk commodities. Although the company demonstrates relative strengths for its commitment regarding land rights, it shows weaknesses in all the other topics within the social inclusion area.

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Core social indicators

The core social indicators are part of the social inclusion measurement area. These indicators assess societal expectations of business conduct that companies should meet if they aspire to be part of a system transformation that leaves no one behind.

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