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EW Group

Erich Wesjohann Group (EW Group), whose subsidiaries include Hy-Line International, Aviagen Group, Lohmann Tierzucht and H&N, is a diversified holding company and global market leader in the breeding of egg layer genetics. With several wholly owned operations and joint ventures across the world, the group serves the global egg industry in more than 100 countries. Besides the core business of egg layer breeding, the group is active in the fields of animal health, fish genetics, functional food ingredients, grain storage and Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) egg production.

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Governance and strategy

#1 0.0 /10 #267


#1 0.0 /30 #293


#1 0.0 /30 #278

Social inclusion

#1 1.0 /30 #270
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Animal proteins #81

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EW Group operates in the animal proteins segments. The company ranks in the bottom tier with little to no disclosure across the governance and strategy, environment, nutrition and the social inclusion measurement areas.

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The core social indicators are part of the social inclusion measurement area. These indicators assess societal expectations of business conduct that companies should meet if they aspire to be part of a system transformation that leaves no one behind.

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Visbek, Germany
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