2019 Measurement area finding

Material Investment

This module assesses the company’s past trend in emissions intensity – emissions per passenger per kilometre. Although the overall assessment focuses on fleet emissions, a not insignificant part of an auto manufacturer’s emissions come from the production phase of cars, and therefore the holistic ACT assessment takes this into account.

The trend shows the speed at which the company has been reducing its emissions intensity in the recent past. Comparing this to the scientific low-carbon benchmark pathway allocated to the company gives an indication of the scale of the change that needs to be made within the company to bring it onto a low-carbon pathway.

Nine of the companies assessed performed optimally on this module (i.e. 100 percent), showing a commitment over time to reducing manufacturing emissions. Conversely, nine companies have the minimum performance on this module (i.e. 0 percent), either by not sharing this data or failing to reduce manufacturing emissions, both of which fail to provide stakeholders confidence in a company’s ability to transition to a low-carbon economy.

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