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Known for Sakata, MayFord

Established in 1913, Sakata Seed Corporation (Sakata), which is headquartered in Japan, is one of the largest vegetable breeding companies in the world. Together with its subsidiaries, the company sells horticultural products in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Near and Middle East and throughout the Americas. It breeds, produces, procures and wholesales vegetable, flower and grass seed. The company also offers agricultural and horticultural products and services.

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Yokohama, Japan
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  • Title: Sakata (Eastern and Southern Africa)
    Place: South Africa
    Description: Breeding station
  • Title: Sakata (South and South-East Asia)
    Place: India
    Description: Breeding station
  • Title: Sakata (South and South-East Asia)
    Place: Thailand
    Description: Breeding station