Open letter to the SDG2000 CEOs

Dear SDG2000 CEO, 

Earlier this year, the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) launched the second annual SDG2000 – a representation of the world’s 2,000 most influential “keystone” companies with the greatest potential to achieve a more equitable and sustainable future. I’m pleased to share that your company is included in this list and is included in the scope of our benchmarks.

Your acknowledgement as a keystone company comes at a critical moment in history. The deep-rooted flaws in our system have been fully laid bare. COVID-19 is delivering a significant blow to an economic model that is no longer environmentally or socially sustainable. Indeed, businesses around the world have been forced in the last year to adapt and reprioritise, often making difficult choices to safeguard workers’ rights, protect supply chains, and ensure continuity in operations.

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The opportunity ahead

Against the continued uncertainty, we have a unique opportunity to rebuild a very different world in which your company can take a leading role in ensuring a sustainable, just, and inclusive recovery. With less than ten years remaining for all of us to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), business is primed to take centre-stage in this transformation. It is the engine of the reset and solid data is the fuel.

Setting this reset in motion requires that we all reimagine that world. WBA is contributing by providing a clearer course for business to help translate the SDGs through our benchmark assessments and rankings, which inform dialogue and mobilise action and accountability between business, investors, civil society and government.

What this means for you

Since last year’s inaugural SDG2000 list, we have assessed over 400 companies across four of our seven system transformations, shining a light on the leaders and laggards within specific sectors. If you have been included in one of our benchmarks, you’ll be able to see your performance on our website. The data is free and publicly available, which enables you to share stories of success, assess where you stand in relation to your peers, and identify opportunities for increased ambition and impact.

Your investors, employees, regulators and customers also have access to this data, allowing an informed dialogue to help you contribute meaningfully to sustainability goals. WBA is a multi-stakeholder Alliance of over 200 organisations. Our Allies help keep us honest in ensuring that our benchmarks are based on science, reflect societal expectations, and provide the accountability needed to incentivise business performance and leadership.

Your inclusion in our SDG2000 list means that your company will be assessed by 2023. Your team might be working with us already, or we’re at the start of our dialogue. In either case, benchmark development is an inclusive process and I invite you to explore which benchmarks your company has already been included in, or which system(s) your company will be benchmarked in moving forward, and to contact us with any questions or to learn more.

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, your renewed purpose and passion will be more important than ever. We look forward to working with you on the path forward.

Yours sincerely,

Pauliina Murphy
Engagement Director

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