Harnessing the benefits of digital technologies while ensuring universal access and managing risks, including safeguarding.

Digital technologies have a transformative impact on many industries. While the digital revolution can bring positive and accelerated change in many areas, there can be also negative unforeseen and unintended consequences, it could also result in greater inequality. For digital technologies to benefit everyone everywhere, barriers in access, skills, use and innovation have to be mitigated. Narrowing the digital divide in Internet access and use is particularly crucial. Currently, just over half of the global population uses the Internet. In developing countries, this proportion is significantly lower (45 percent) than in developed countries (81 percent).

Digitalisation affects all aspects of our lives – how we work, live and consume – and is considered one of the main drivers of current changes in the business world.Digital technologies have become a key enabler of fundamental innovation and disruption and can have a transformative impact on many industries, disrupting existing markets and sectors, while creating new ones. The digital revolution can and should be shaped in ways that maximise benefits for innovation, growth and social prosperity, while addressing challenges created by this transformation, particularly in regard to jobs, skills and trust. Harnessing the positive potential of the digital transformation for society and business.

The SDGs

Research finds that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development has the potential to accelerate social and economic development, as well as improve environmental protection, and is highly correlated with faster and more efficient progress on all 17 SDGs:

WBA’s benchmarks

The Digital Inclusion Benchmark will track the contribution of 100 of the most globally significant ICT companies towards improving inclusion across four dimensions – access, use, skills, and innovation – to ensure that benefits from digital technologies are more broadly enjoyed.





Other transformations



Agriculture and food

and energy