Development process

Methodology development

Dialogue and research: The development of a benchmark’s methodology typically starts with the WBA Secretariat either developing or commissioning a methodology outline.

Methodology development and review: This outline is then reviewed and discussed with the Expert Review Committee (ERC).

Methodology publication

Based on the ERC’s feedback, the methodology is finalised and opened for public consultation, after which it is updated, reviewed by the ERC again and published.

Benchmark development

Data collection: Data is collected based on the methodology through an online data platform. The form is pre-populated with publicly available information and sent to directly to companies in scope to complete.

Verification and analysis: Once all of the data is received, it is analysed and verified. Following this the scoring guidelines are finalised and the report is written

Benchmark publication

The ERC is consulted prior to the publication of the report to review and provide input on the benchmarks key findings, lessons learned and the report’s recommendations. The final report and rankings are then made public.

Methodology review

Stakeholder dialogues are an essential way to evaluate and discuss the results of the benchmarking cycle. Based on the feedback received during these dialogues, a revision of the benchmark is developed by the WBA secretariat and the development cycle restarts.