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Open for feedback now: Social transformation draft methodology and proposed indicators

We are happy to publish the social transformation draft methodology. It outlines the draft indicators that will be used to assess the 2,000 most influential companies globally on 15 core social topics. These include living wages, corporate taxation, lobbying, core labour standards and respect for human rights. A social lens will be applied to the […]

The impact of multinationals in developing countries

Our mission is to build a movement to measure and incentivise business impact towards a future that works for everyone. For this reason, in all our benchmarks, engagement and operational activities, we focus on impact in developing countries.   We published a list of the 2,000 keystone companies that we believe will be most influential for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They are headquartered […]

WBA launches 15 core topics to assess the SDG2000 on social transformation

Today we launch our scoping report with the proposed model for the social transformation. While all companies should support human development through contributing to the 2030 Agenda, they must do it in a responsible way that respects the rights of workers, consumers and the wider community – that is, in a way that leaves no […]

Methodology Digital Inclusion Benchmark covers four critical themes

The methodology outlines 16 indicators to examine and assess the 100 most influential ICT companies’ policies, processes, performance and disclosure across the breadth of the digital system, from hardware to software and telecommunication services to platforms. The critical digital inclusion themes covered by the benchmark include access, skills, use and innovation. Digital technology can be […]

Gender Benchmark methodology addresses need for better data

Gender inequalities persist around the globe. Now more than ever, there is a need to close the global gender gap, and we believe companies are uniquely positioned to do so across their entire value chains.   While there are a growing number of resources available to support companies in their push for gender equality and women’s empowerment, stakeholders are still looking […]

Is the electric utilities sector on track to meet the Paris Agreement?

With 67 countries and eight US states now having set net-zero carbon ambitions, the pressure is on for electric utilities companies to turn down the heat on producing power. These companies face transition risks from such incoming policies, as well as from legal, technological and market changes, including consumer appetite for clean electricity. With electricity […]

Third roundtable Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment Benchmark and its key takeaways

In 2020, we will rank the 36 most influential global apparel companies in our Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment Benchmark (GEWEB). During the development of the methodology for this benchmark, we held a third roundtable on 9 December 2019 in Bangalore, India.   This roundtable brought together 16 participants from across 12 leading global apparel […]

Farmers at WBA Farmer Roundtables 2019 emphasise social inclusion as priority for food system transformation

It is one of the most pressing questions of our time: how to feed a growing population without depleting the planet’s resources? Scientists tell us it’s possible, but it will require no less than a ‘food system transformation’; a shift towards more nutritious diets and methods of sustainable production whilst ensuring the livelihoods of farmers […]

Draft Methodology Digital Inclusion Benchmark

Today, 27 January 2020, with pleasure we publish the draft methodology for the Digital Inclusion Benchmark (DIB). Like all benchmarks we publish, it is part of WBA’s wider effort to measure and rank the 2,000 most influential companies on how they contribute to the SDGs. We kindly invite all interested stakeholders to review the methodology […]

SDG2000: The most influential 2000 companies for a sustainable future

Today, we revealed the SDG2000, a list of the companies that have the most influence over our ability to move to a more sustainable future. The list – comprised of companies which collectively make up half of the entire global economy and are responsible for $43trillion in revenue – is part of WBA’s mission to […]