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Regenerating the food and agriculture system

Written by Mishma Abraham The urgency of food system transformation has never been greater. We need to move away from sustaining less harm, to regenerating and building resilience of the food system itself. An agenda-level alignment of principles and outcomes on regeneration will strengthen the business case for the private sector to adopt and take action on regenerative practices. From […]

Strengthening the CHRB’s approach going forward

The CHRB is conducting a year-long review of its Methodology, in parallel to the 2020 assessment. The review is an opportunity to reflect on the past three years of applying the CHRB Methodology and to gather feedback from a diverse range of stakeholders, with a view to strengthening the CHRB’s approach going forward. The purpose of the review is […]

Driving impact for inclusive digital development

With Asia at the forefront of technological innovation and digitally-powered development, we invite stakeholders from across the region for a virtual dialogue on how WBA’s upcoming Digital Inclusion Benchmark can be used to drive sustainable development. Speakers and participants from government, business, academia and civil society, will discuss how the Digital Inclusion Benchmark will enhance […]

Now is the time to come together for nature

Written by Vicky Sins, Lead Climate and Energy Benchmark The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is “time for nature – with a focus on its role in providing the essential infrastructure that supports life on Earth and human development.” In planning this focus, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) could never have anticipated how […]

WBA announces strengthened supervisory board to galvanise global systems change

PRESS RELEASE WBA announces strengthened supervisory board to galvanise global systems change WBA today announced that it is strengthening its supervisory board as it continues to grow its now 130 alliance to drive the private sector to meet the UN SDG’s. WBA is welcoming six new members to its existing supervisory board to total ten, […]

Reform of the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive: clarity, consistency and comparability across value chains 

The EU Commission has initiated the process to reform the Non-Financial Reporting Directive and announced plans to create EU standards for corporate sustainability reporting. For this purpose, a public consultation has been opened by regulators to gather input from all stakeholders until 11 June 2020. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) also recently published a report on their activities […]

Putting people at the heart of the SDG2000 benchmarks

Last week, WBA launched the social transformation scoping report. The report sets out our thinking and proposed approach to ensuring appropriate social criteria are included in every WBA benchmark – across systems and industries – and is now open for consultation until September. On Wednesday 12 May we will hold two webinars at 11:00 and […]

Phased approach for the Gender Benchmark in times of COVID-19

Since the launch of our Gender Benchmark methodology on 31 March, we’ve connected with a number of target companies who have expressed concern around their ability to deliver to our original timelines given the immediate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking into account these concerns, we will undertake a phased approach and plan to publish […]

Digital inclusion through digital skills

Written by Samantha Ndiwalana, Research Analyst Digital Inclusion Benchmark Digital skills are an important, but often overlooked aspect of digital inclusion, which companies could leverage for inclusive development. The spectrum of digital skills goes from basic skills, such as copying files, to intermediate skills such as using basic formulas on spreadsheets, to advanced skills such […]

The just transition: leave no one behind

Written by Charlotte Hugman and Shamistha Selvaratnam, Research Analysts Throughout history there have been major transitions that have led to transformations in the structures of society and the economy. The industrial revolutions across the world both in the 19th century and more recently have seen farm and home-based workers suddenly engaged in urban industrial and […]