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Gender Benchmark – feedback received on the draft methodology

The World Benchmarking Alliance’s Gender Benchmark seeks to measure, compare and incentivise corporate impact on gender equality and women’s empowerment across the entire value chain. In its first iteration, the Gender Benchmark will focus on the apparel industry, assessing and ranking 36 of the most influential global apparel companies. Background On 16 December 2019 we […]

Investors with over US$4.5 trillion in assets criticise weak human rights performance of leading companies

Press release A group of 176 international investors representing over $4.5 trillion in assets under management have joined forces to call out the human rights performance of some of the world’s most well-known companies. The 95 worst performing companies on human rights due diligence in the latest Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB), which include Carlsberg, […]

What goes around comes around

Written by Timothée Pasqualini, Research Analyst Although the circular economy has gained strong momentum with its holistic and sustainable principles, the global economy is still less than 8.6% circular and it is only getting worse, according to Circle Economy’s latest Circularity Gap Report report. Circular is one of the seven system transformations, the World Benchmarking Alliance has […]

We are a fifth of the way there! Let’s hope we are not living on a prayer

Written by Charlotte Hugman and Jennifer van Beek The urgency of climate action has never been greater. Rising temperatures have worsened extreme weather events; wildfire seasons are months longer; and the effects of rising sea levels and coastal erosion are a reality for people now, not sometime in the future. Climate change will continue to […]

Onwards, together!

I spend a lot of time at the World Benchmarking Alliance thinking about the tipping points needed to accelerate private sector action on the Sustainable Development Goals. As Strategic Engagement Lead, my work focuses on building coalitions of diverse actors – including investors, policymakers, civil society, individual citizens, and businesses themselves – who are committed […]

Are the large emitters setting Science Based Targets?

WBA has identified the 450 companies critical to meeting the decarbonisation and energy transformation needed to put the planet on a more sustainable path. Using keystone metrics, including the scale of different scopes of greenhouse gas emissions we have named these ‘keystone’ companies with disproportionate influence on the decarbonisation and energy system. The companies cover a range of industries from automobiles, to electric utilities and real […]

Farmers at WBA Farmer Roundtables 2019 emphasise social inclusion as priority for food system transformation

It is one of the most pressing questions of our time: how to feed a growing population without depleting the planet’s resources? Scientists tell us it’s possible, but it will require no less than a ‘food system transformation’; a shift towards more nutritious diets and methods of sustainable production whilst ensuring the livelihoods of farmers […]

Call for improved UN Sustainable Development Goals disclosures

We have joined other leading accounting bodies and others calling for corporate and asset owner action and improved reporting on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in an attempt to hit goals set for 2030.  The recommendations are detailed in the report, Sustainable Development Goals Disclosure (SDGD) Recommendations, authored by Carol Adams, Professor of Accounting, […]

SDG2000: The most influential 2000 companies for a sustainable future

Today, we revealed the SDG2000, a list of the companies that have the most influence over our ability to move to a more sustainable future. The list – comprised of companies which collectively make up half of the entire global economy and are responsible for $43trillion in revenue – is part of WBA’s mission to […]