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Regenerating the food and agriculture system

Written by Mishma Abraham The urgency of food system transformation has never been greater. We need to move away from sustaining less harm, to regenerating and building resilience of the food system itself. An agenda-level alignment of principles and outcomes on regeneration will strengthen the business case for the private sector to adopt and take action on regenerative practices. From […]

Farmers at WBA Farmer Roundtables 2019 emphasise social inclusion as priority for food system transformation

It is one of the most pressing questions of our time: how to feed a growing population without depleting the planet’s resources? Scientists tell us it’s possible, but it will require no less than a ‘food system transformation’; a shift towards more nutritious diets and methods of sustainable production whilst ensuring the livelihoods of farmers […]

Initial selection of industries and companies for WBA’s Food and Agriculture Benchmark now open for public consultation

One of the most pressing global challenges and opportunities of our time is feeding a growing population of 10 billion people by 2050 with a healthy diet from sustainable food systems. It is possible, but it is going to require no less than a great food system transformation and fast delivery. Companies in this sector […]