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Pension funds and responsible investment: let participants decide

Steven van Weyenberg, Member of the Dutch Parliament for D66 There are a number of considerable benefits to the Dutch pension system. In the Netherlands, poverty amongst the elderly is very low. Pension coverage is high: nearly every person living in The Netherlands is entitled to a ‘base’ state pension (AOW), while close to 90 […]

A new take on GDPR

The rights to our online personal data has become a dominant subject in the media recently, not least with the Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal. Many have been left questioning how we share information online and to what extent we trust the services and platforms we use to keep connected. Concerns around our digital footprint – […]

How do food and beverage companies contribute to solving global nutrition challenges?

At an annual cost of $3.3 trillion, the global nutrition crisis is a clear example where increased cooperation and innovation across sectors and geographies is crucial to the sustainability of our planet. Five years on from the first Index, and two years since the second, the 2018 Global Access to Nutrition Index was published on […]

Connecting the World Benchmarking Alliance with China

The consultation phase of the World Benchmarking Alliance is taking our team around the globe both physically and virtually. With the regional and global roundtables, and the recent launch of our online consultation surveys, the WBA is establishing a truly global presence. Each conversation brings new learning opportunities: from the complexities in language and cultural […]