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WBA launches first of its kind global benchmark ranking seafood companies on their UN SDG impact

PRESS RELEASE WBA launches first of its kind global benchmark ranking seafood companies on their UN SDG impact Seafood Stewardship Index ranks 30 of the most influential seafood companies in the world. Industry shows broad commitment on sustainability but overall performance needs to improve and more measurable action is needed to meet the SDG agenda. Thai Union Group tops the […]

Measuring the world’s 30 most influential seafood companies

The Seafood Stewardship Index demonstrates how the world’s 30 most influential seafood companies are contributing to the sustainable management of our oceans, as well as how they help ensure responsible social practices are implemented across their supply chain. Three billion people rely on seafood as an essential part of their diet. Providing this nutritious food […]

Announcing WBAs commitment to measure and rank the 100 most influential ICT companies

Gerbrand Haverkamp spoke at the High-Level Dialogue on Finance for Development at the UN, NYC, introducing WBA’s work on how investment in the ICT sector can be geared towards the SDGs by focusing on digital access, use, skills, and innovation. “In 2020, WBA will assess and rank 100 of the world’s most influential ICT companies […]

Mapping the landscape for the Food and Agriculture Benchmark

The Food and Agriculture Benchmark will be the first of its kind to benchmark keystone companies across the entirety of the food system, from farm to fork. It will cover the multiple dimensions where transformation is needed: sustainable production, healthy diets and nutrition as well as social inclusion. Many building blocks for agenda, targets and […]

Request for Proposal for Services as the CHRB Research Provider for 2020

The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB) is seeking proposals for services for the 2020 research cycle. Full details are available in this Request for Proposal document, which sets out a draft scope of work for research provider support required to deliver the Benchmark. Proposals should be sent by 30th September 2019. 

Is the auto industry on track to meet the Paris Agreement?

The transportation sector, which includes automotive, represents about one quarter of all emissions from fossil fuels and challenges in terms of climate mitigation. Decarbonisation of the transport sector is one of the major transitions in any low-carbon scenario. The automotive industry is important to deliver on the ambitions to decarbonize the sector. WBA believes that […]

Seven systems transformations for benchmarking companies on the SDGs

We aim to drive the private sector’s engagement in the SDGs through our benchmarks. We envision a future where companies, investors, governments, civil society and individuals can quickly and easily compare businesses and motivate a ‘race to the top’. WBA identified seven systems transformations that offer a strategic framework to develop benchmarks and identify keystone […]

WBA and CDP announce strategic partnership to future proof high carbon emitting sectors 

Today WBA and CDP, the non-profit global environmental disclosure platform announced their strategic partnership to further decarbonize the economy and ensure a climate resilient future. A major decarbonisation and energy transformation is still needed to align with global efforts to prevent the worst impacts of climate change and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement – to limit […]