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Building momentum in Mumbai

It was fitting that the roundtables took place around International Women’s Day in Mumbai. “If you have so many women at the production level, you should have as many women [proportionately] at the leadership level.” It highlighted both the global challenges we face but the enormous capacity for change and engagement when business, civil society […]

Homegrown African seed companies outperform multinational peers in serving smallholder farmers

Two homegrown African seed companies top the 2019 Access to Seeds Index for Eastern and Southern Africa, for playing a key role in raising smallholder farmer productivity, according to new research by the Amsterdam-based Access to Seeds Foundation. Kenyan company East African Seed and Seed Co., placed first and second respectively, have both grown their […]

Setting a new seafood standard

Bas Geerts, lead Seafood Stewardship Index, discusses his plans to assess and publish the sustainability scores of the world’s largest seafood companies with Rob Fletchers from The Fish Site. “I believe that transparency is important in supporting companies to fast-track their sustainability efforts. Making international supply chains more transparent is a means to incentivise and […]

Digging deeper into SDG 5: measuring and incentivising corporate performance on gender

Danielle Burt, who leads the Gender Equality and Empowerment Benchmark at WBA, introduces the benchmark at a web seminar hosted by ISEAL Alliance. Together with a panel, she discusses the importance and challenges of measuring and incentivizing corporate performance on gender.