Food and agriculture

Produce healthy and nutritious food to feed a growing world population, while staying within planetary boundaries, and offer farmers, fishers and their families a decent standard of living.

We are working across seven systems transformations needed to achieve the SDGs and accelerate sustainable business beyond 2030. One of the most pressing global challenges and opportunities of our time is feeding a growing population of 10 billion people by 2050 with healthy and sustainably produced food. Malnutrition is on the rise across the globe while agricultural is transgressing the worlds plenary boundaries. Companies in this sector especially have an enormous capacity to drive change through their entire value chain.

Research shows that it is possible to transform our food system but this can only be achieved through multisector, multilevel action with a shift towards healthy diets, substantial reductions in food loss and waste, and major improvements in food production practices. Safeguarding better livelihoods for farmers will also be key to ensuring this transformation is inclusive and contributes to ending poverty and hunger.

The SDGs

Businesses across the food value chain can contribute to delivering more than a quarter of the SDG targets. Transforming our food and agriculture system will have a notable influence on the following SDGs:

WBA’s benchmarks

The Food and Agriculture Benchmark will benchmark 300 leading companies across the entirety of the food system. The Seafood Stewardship Index results will also show how the world’s leading seafood companies contribute to more sustainable oceans and coastal ecosystems.



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Other transformations



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