Monthly Archives: October 2018

The five reasons benchmarks work

With an ambition to benchmark companies against their contributions to the SDGs, the WBA has the privilege of wading in tested waters. The Access to Medicine Index was a pioneer in its approach to corporate benchmarking, soon to be followed by the Access to Nutrition Index, the Access to Seeds Index, the Corporate Human Rights […]

Seafood Stewardship Index – Methodology report

From 22 October to 17 December 2018, the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) held an 8-week public consultation on the draft methodology for its Seafood Stewardship Index (SSI). All interested stakeholders were invited to review and share with us their feedback on this draft. This consultation was part of WBA’s continuous stakeholder engagement process and builds […]

Young people and the sustainability agenda: Three avenues for impact

Today’s youth population is larger than ever, with 1.8 billion people between the ages of 10 and 24, and approximately 90 percent are living in less developed countries¹. The 2030 Agenda recognises that young people have a strong ability to drive change, and more than one-third of the SDG’s targets involve youth explicitly or implicitly. […]

Building a bridge of trust

Written by Gonnie Been, Operations Director Index Initiative, World Benchmarking Alliance Secretariat The launch of the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) on 24th September 2018 in New York transformed the WBA from an idea into reality. We can feel the momentum building, which creates a sort of satisfaction, but also a tension, as we can’t miss […]