Monthly Archives: December 2017

Getting it right and making it happen

When starting Index Initiative back in 2015, the idea was to establish an incubator that would develop four, or perhaps five, new sustainability benchmarks. These benchmarks would formulate critical intersections between industries and the soon-to-be-announced Sustainable Development Goals. In sensing the initial buzz around the goals (the future we want!), we envisioned that the Global Goals […]

Keystone Actors as Catalysts for Change

In a 2015 PLOS One paper, the concept of ‘keystone actors’ was introduced within the seafood industry. Inspired by the ‘keystone species’ term in ecology, Österblom et al. use the concept to illustrate that the largest companies in a given industry can operate similarly to keystone species in ecological communities. This means that they can […]

Benchmarks can be Key Drivers for Change

Nordea is committed to sustainable business and development by combining financial performance with environmental and social responsibility as well as sound governance practices. Nordea takes relevant environmental, social and governance principles into consideration when evaluating business risks and opportunities in connection to investments, financing and advice. “By becoming an ally within the World Benchmarking Alliance […]